Monday, January 11, 2010

Weight Loss Update

This week, I worked to gain a baseline of where I am physically and build a basic diet. This week, I weighed in at 255 lbs, a loss of 2 lbs. Not bad for a week, the goal should be 2-3 lbs a week to make it something sustainable.

My goal to start with 10,000 steps a day has turned out to be too little. Not that the exercise isn't good, but it turns out I am getting 14,000 to 15,000 a day regularly on days I work, and about 9,000 on days I don't.

My diet this week has largely consisted of an omelette in the morning, 2 fruit snacks, and a salad with chicken, pork, or beef on it (about 3 oz meat). Drinks include one soft drink, one juice drink, two coffees, and two to three glasses of water.

Given the opportunity, I checked my pulse and blood pressure to gain a baseline number. Blood pressure came in at 128 over 79, with a pulse of 65 resting.

It is a start.

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