Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rush vs. Sharpton, Swine Flu Update, Health Care Reform and Premiums, and Cleavage on Fox?

Quick Hits for October 18, 2009

* Apparently, Rush is so upset about being left off the owners group for the St. Louis Rams that he is lashing out at everyone he can find. However, apparently Al Sharpton is threatening a lawsuit against Rush for his statement about Sharpton and his role in a riot that resulted in a death. I don't think Rush cares about the threat and Sharpton doesn't sound all that strong as he threatens to sue. Sharpton should have simply waited for the reaction after the suit was filed instead of making a public threat.

In the case of Rush, he will continue to browbeat people and attack them, continuing to play the victim lashing out, and never face up to responsibility for his own actions or rhetoric. Threats are a waste of breath. Sharpton should simply file and let the cards fall where they may.

* Lately, health insurance companies have been claiming that health care reform will increase their premiums. They proclaim that this is contrary to what President Obama claimed it would do. What they aren't telling you is that with a public option, they will start writing exclusively the more expensive policies going for the profit dollars while dropping cheaper policies that don't offer nearly as much of a profit for them. They had taken on these cheaper policies to stave off government intervention and competition, but with a public option, they will drop them.

It isn't a product of competing for them as much as they simply will be shifting towards a higher profit margin, leaving the policies that they lose money on for the government to run. However, it is this refusal to compete on the part of insurance companies that may lead to a single payer system eventually. These companies have a choice: compete or siphon off profits on their way out of the medical insurance areas. Their pricing actions will show us the direction they are choosing.

* There is no doubt that Fox is the media outlet for the Republican Party. However, I thought the GOP was all about family values, yet I see more cleavage on than on any other "news" website that I have ever seen. As I write this, I see the cleavage of Angie Harmon, Jenna Fischer, a random Playboy bunny, Kim Kardashian, and January Jones. That's all on the front page on the top 1/3 of the website from the news source that panders to the Christian Coalition on the right. It continues to show how the morality talk is just that: talk. Their actions prove that.

* As of this point, Swine Flu has claimed the lives of 86 children, which is alarming considering it is only the beginning of the flu season and that number is higher than some full seasons. That this flu is targeting children primarily, and children are in one of the easiest places to spread illness, it leaves for a potentially horrible flu season this year. As the season continues, remember, the GOP told us how this was a hoax to get health care passed. I don't think we can call this a pandemic for the U.S., though it is around the world, it appears to have some serious consequences coming this year.

Parents should work to boost the immune systems of their children through natural immune system boosters. Orange juice, chicken soup, garlic, ginger, onions, and other natural boosters of the immune system should become part of the daily diet for many Americans, especially for children. Additionally, foods rich in Vitamins A, E, and B all help to fight against illnesses for various reasons. Avocados, bananas, carrots, tuna, and salmon all help with these vitamins. Here are some links to immune booster articles that give some tips that may help you and your family avoid the Swine Flu this year.

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