Thursday, October 29, 2009

Glen Beck's Meatless Rant, Another Deviant Republican Caught, Washington Times claims Donors get Access, and Texas allows Parents share porn with kids

Quick Hits for October 29, 2009

* Is it any surprise that anti-abortion moralist, former Republican lawmaker in South Carolina, and just resigned Assistant Deputy Attorney General Roland Corning was found by police with a stripper, prescribed sex enhancement drugs, and sex toys in his vehicle at, of all places, a cemetery. When asked about the sex toys, Corning said they were there "just in case." If I was his wife, I would be asking "just in case" of what, you went on a drive with a stripper in our SUV in a CEMETERY? He no longer had his job two hours later and I have to wonder how long he will have his wife. Just another in a long list of Republican moralists who turned out to be not quite so moral in their own lives.

* Glenn Beck's latest rant focuses on the "indoctrination" of kids to vegetarianism as he criticized "Meatless Monday" in a Baltimore school, and responding to the UK Climate Chief saying not eating meat would be better for the planet. This is just one more in a long line of mindless rants by Beck who is becoming the voice of the far right, but being mocked by everyone from the conservative moderates over. What he is criticizing is far from controversial, making him sound like just another person wanting to make money off of raw emotionalism.

Afterall, going meatless for a meal isn't new or unusual. Think of all of the Italian, Spanish or Mexican, and Asian dishes that are meatless. While Americans do love their meat, having a meal without meat really isn't that unusual. Heck, "Meatless Monday" could simply mean Mac'n'cheese or spaghetti without meatballs or cheese enchiladas or fettucini alfredo or cheese pizza or any one of a ton of dishes we eat without meat all the time.

As for going meatless planetwide, long before global climate change was a major issue, we were told that it would be better for the planet just because it took 10 lbs of grain to make 1 lb of meat, which means 10 lbs of grains that we can't eat. It was simply inefficient, and that doesn't even count the water. Now that we know some meats are linked to increased risks for heart disease, cancers, etc., and we know that their gas adds to climate change, and as we start to reach the carrying capacity of global population leaving some to starve, of course it makes sense that going meatless would help the planet and all of us. That doesn't mean I am giving up my Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger anytime soon. But it does mean that maybe we should alter our eating patterns to reflect a healthier diet both for ourselves and others on the planet.

These aren't really controversial statements at all. But Glenn Beck is playing on the raw emotions of people who don't want to see any changes to their lives because they don't want to give up a burger no matter how bad it may be for their own health, and often times, playing on their ignorance because these health studies are often not widely publicized by the right as information but rather as attempts at leftist indoctrination. It is amazing how information and suggestion is now brainwashing. Ironic considering they spend so much time and effort trying to isolate their audience from any other information other than what they tell them.

* Much to my surprise, Texas is such a "keep the government out of our lives" state that it is totally legal to get drunk and share your porn with your kids. Now, I am pretty open to teaching children things at young ages to prepare them for the real world before they have to deal with it first hand, but showing them Debbie does Dallas might be over the top. Apparently, any changes to the law might be difficult in Texas. I guess I understand why they don't want Child Protective Services around, but it would probably be a flag of potential sexual abuse in my world, not something that should be shared with young children. Makes you wonder why Glenn Beck isn't talking about this story.

* The Washington Times has reported an article proclaiming quid pro quo between the Obama Administration and donors. At this point, the White House has denied the accusation and there is no concrete evidence of any such move. We should remember a this administration raised record amounts without relying on major donors, as well as that the Washington Times is one of the few major news organizations that does NOT have a fact checker on staff, and has a major right wing bias. It also doesn't hurt to remind the right of the policy "discussions" that the Bush Administration had with major donors like oil companies setting up energy policy in meetings with Dick Cheney.

The right doesn't care about truth or right, simply power. It truly makes one miss the days of William Buckley and Ronald Reagan, when integrity, honor, and finding the best policies for America and the American Dream meant something.

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