Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, Jeff Flake's pansy moment, GW on Twitter, Wall Street Bonuses, Dems, and Birthers

Quick Hits for October 14, 2009

* I guess I am semi-surprised that Rush Limbaugh was forced out of the NFL bid to own the St. Louis Rams by his fellow bidders claiming that Rush just made things more complicated. I just have to wonder what kind of business people they are if they didn't foresee this obvious reaction and plan for it before they started.

* Representative Jeff Flake (R-AZ) decided to tell people he felt like a pansy so he stayed on a deserted island for a week last summer. I am not sure what makes a man feel like a "pansy" or why he would want to be quoted using the term "pansy," nor why he would think that anyone would care that he couldn't feel like a "man" in Arizona, so he had to go to an island in the Pacific; but what I do want to know is why CNN thought this was worth putting in their political "ticker."

* Political Ticker II: I am not sure why it is a "ticker" issue that President GW Bush decided not to join Twitter "just yet." I am just not really sure why that is news at all. Should we report that he hasn't bought an iPhone just yet either?

* Major bonuses for AIG and others on Wall Street being reported should surprise no one. The real question is are they paying back their loans. If they are paying them back on time, no one should care about their bonuses. However, the growth of these companies without improvement in their procedures of doing business should send a message to Washington and the financial sector that new financial businesses need to rise up to be in position for when they eventually repeat their mistakes so we can let them fail and have other companies ready to take their place. Maybe someone should wonder if they are "too big to fail" if maybe they have too large a part of the market and may have monopoly issues, but if they don't have a monopoly essentially on the field, then they aren't "too big to fail" anymore.

* It is about time that Democrats stop bickering internally and get something done on health care. There is no reason that it is taking this long other than that the DNC is the same disorganized disaster that sunk health care reform in 1994, and caused people to joke, "I don't belong to an organized party, I belong to the Democratic Party." We need energy, environmental, and health care reform (with a public option) this year. If the Democrats can pull that off, they might just find themselves re-elected if they can do it well.

* President Bush appointee fines Birther leader for frivolous lawsuit and motions, proclaiming they were using the legal system to put forth political attacks. It is good to see someone putting this garbage in its place. Maybe enough mocking and they might wake up from embarrassment.

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