Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Quest to Improve Eating in America

There is no doubt, Americans are largely obese and our kids aren't getting any better for it. Studies show obesity is linked to many health problems including heart problems, cancers, and much more. There has been a call by some for government action to outlaw certain things like cokes or sugar snacks. Instead of heeding these calls, it might be better to take the approach of the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver.

His efforts in his new television show attempting to create a "Food Revolution" in America has gained support and shown just how ingrained our bad eating habits are. We have moved from a nation that is the breadbasket of the world with fresh, high quality foods to the processed foods capital of the world. Oliver points out one of the biggest problems comes from that processing and the added ingredients that aren't healthy for us.

One of the problems is the perception that eating well is either bland and boring, or it is too expensive. Much of that is overcome with help, but most don't know where to turn.

For easy recipes for great food, utilize the internet. My favorite website is Food Network because it gives many recipes with reviews from the most simplistic to complex recipes. Sometimes, the reviews show you problems and solutions to those problems with the recipes that make amazing food. Give it a try. You don't have to be a chef to cook, just be able to follow directions.

For saving money, I often recommend strategies I learned at Grocery Game, but I tend to avoid the processed foods and utilized a lot of the price matching and sale price techniques. Pick up some more tips from the $5 Dinner Mom.

In the end, Oliver says one big difference isn't giving up the hamburger but rather making it with fresh ingredients instead of processed. A hamburger should have 4-6 ingredients, not the 40 in a processed burger. Remember, you are what you eat so eat well.

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