Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CO2: Volcanoes vs. Humans; Palin and Iranian Clerics; Teabaggers and taxation; FDA and Salt; and Why do you Trust or Distrust Govt?

Quick Hits for 4/21/2010

* I have to say I keep hearing anti-environmental ignorance by the right on conservative Facebook pages as they proclaim that more CO2 is created by volcanoes than humans, yet factually speaking we know that we average about 200 Million tons of CO2 by volcanoes per year and about 24 Billion tons of CO2 by humans per year. It isn't even a close comparison yet they keep spouting the lie. I have always thought that if your position rests on lying, you might want to take a better position.

* I am not sure which shocked me more... an Iranian cleric proclaiming promiscuity causes earthquakes or Sarah Palin actually admitting the religious right actually wants a theocracy and believes the Founders wanted one too. Then again, on Glenn Beck's show, she struggled to find the name of a Founder when Beck asked her to name her favorite.

* I wonder just how many Teabaggers realize that they complain about taxes but advocate a flat tax, which would be a tax increase for at least 47% of Americans, if not far more.

* The FDA is talking about regulating salt in processed foods, which has the left saying "good" but the right is calling it a "nanny state" policy. If they were talking about regulating the salt intake of Americans, I would agree with the right. However, they are talking about regulating the salt in processed foods, which few actually realize what is in them. Given the state of health for Americans and how we all get to pay those costs, whether it is through insurance or government, taking the salt intake choices up to Americans and out of the hands of corporations is probably the best choice.

* A recent CNN poll indicated about 26% trust the federal government but about 52% trust their local government. Yet, the level of corruption is often higher in local government. I am guessing one key factor to the poll is the result of media focus on the federal government, whereas local governments are often ignored.

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