Monday, July 27, 2009

Tony's Hits and Misses-July 27, 2009

I am going to put forth some thoughts that come up each day. These probably won't be long posts, but more quick hits than anything. Here are today's:

* I keep hearing people talking about Sarah Palin. I just don't get it. She has run a small town by any standards as a Mayor and didn't even finish her term as Governor of Alaska, and people want her to be President? That doesn't even count her incredibly poor grasp of issues in the last election. Now, she believes she is too good to deal with a "lame duck session" and has left it for her Lt. Governor. I guess if she isn't the shining cheerleader who is the center of attention, it isn't worth it for her time. It shows how low American politics has gone in quality.

* I keep hearing how the Republican Party is looking for Obama to fail and sniping, but I really haven't heard any actual solutions to problems for America from Republicans. They were in control of Congress for 12 years and control of all of government for 6 years, and still had no answer for 50 million people without health care and far more with inadequate health care. Are they trying to make themselves irrelevant by not having answers to anything?

* You know, I believe global climate change is a problem, and I realize that many people disagree with me. However, I just don't get how people don't want to switch to alternative energies and technologies, or don't want to support their development considering it may well be a huge opportunity to create massive global exports and jobs in America, as well as reducing or eliminating many monthly bills that people have making it cheaper to live. Why wouldn't that be a good thing?

* I have to admit, I just don't understand the focus on Jon and Kate. They were cute as the parents of so many kids and were helpful in seeing some possible strategies for parenting, but why do I care about them as a splitting couple? If I was getting a divorce, it might be useful to see how they manage it with their kids, but as for their divorce and problems: I just don't get why people are obsessed with it.

That's it for today.


cutee said...

A couple of comments on your statements:

* Sarah Palin:
I can't say that her leaving office was a good choice, but your depiction of her wanting to be "the head cheerleader getting all the attention" is ludicrous. It's comments like that from the media that have hurt her career and ability to do her job properly, forcing her to spend hundreds of thousands to defend her good name, and surrendering her ability to do her job. Someone should release a "Leave Sarah Alone" youtube video, you know like they did for Britney when the Papz drove her crazy... not that anyone would pay attention or care that they're hurting Palin and driving her into the ground unfairly and brutally. In fact, I think they like it that way. What a world we live in... huh?

* Healthcare:
1) Republicans have offered many solutions to America's problems. You say you haven't heard any solutions, and technically you haven't. But not because they're not being offered - because you're not listening. Much like Obama, you ask for an opinion but close your ears when you hear the answer. Here's a plan from the Repub side for example, certainly far from the Universal Healthcare the Pres is offering:

2) Your facts on Republican control over the government is also incorrect. The Republicans were in full control for 4 years, not 6, from 2003-2006. They were in control of congress for 6 years, 1995-2000, then only the House was controlled by the Repubs in 2001. From 1993-2000 there was a Democratic president.

3) There are not 50 million without insurance, it is 45 million. And only 80% of these are in the country legally, leaving 36 million. And 40% of those make over $50k per year, choosing not to purchase healthcare while they can afford it. So that leaves 21.6 million out of 305 million, or roughly 7% of our population that needs assistance with health insurance, not 17% as your figure would have people believe.

* Cap and Trade:
We all want to save the environment, and it's important to develop new energy technologies. The problem is, the technology isn't quite there yet. For example, it takes more than a gallon of gasoline fuel to power the machinery that creates ethanol from corn. That's right: by the time a gallon of ethanol is produced and you use it in your vehicle, not only have you burned a gallon of ethanol, you've also burned over a gallon of good-ol' fossil fuel. This does not make any sense! We need to better the technology before we can implement it in our industries. This is why Cap and Trade is a bad idea. We'll be forcing bad technology on our already strained market, before the technology is ready - in an economy like this, it's a recipe for disaster. It will raise energy bills for all americans, increase the price of all goods and services, and will drive jobs overseas because China and India can produce goods and services much more efficiently. They won't be imposing this energy plan on their country, so how much will we really reduce emissions if everyone doesn't join in?

* Jon and kate
I agree, who cares? We have more important things to worry about...

Jennifer said...

Hi, I found your blog from facebook. Good post! I don't quite get the "love" most people have for Sarah Palin. I am sure she is a perfectly nice person but the thought of her as President scares me. Cutee and I may have very different opinions on politics but I definitely agree with her about John and Kate. There are so many more important things to think about. I do feel bad for the kids though.