Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick Hits: July 30, 2009

Quick Hits for July 30, 2009

* In an economic climate where companies are sucking up to consumers, why would anyone steal? I watched someone get caught for shoplifting and asked myself that question. Most major businesses are so friendly with their return policies that you can almost rent things and return them after you use them with a receipt. It isn't that you would want to, but they have set up their rules so that you could if you wanted to. In that kind of climate, why risk the jail time, the fines, or the mark on your record? I just don't get it.

* I guess the media has this need for the most extreme people every once in a while. How else do you explain the coverage of people like Fred Phelps every few years, or the "Birthers" that just don't have a clue, despite the facts being put in front of them. They might want to put tinfoil on their heads so that Obama doesn't brainwash them with his secret mental powers and new governmental powers to make them believe he is American and not from Saturn.

* Apparently, Oklahoma needs a reality check. James Inhofe (R-OK) said that using oil and gas does NOT cause pollution. If there is a more clear case of someone either being corrupt (in the pockets of the gas and oil lobby) or ignorant of information needed to do their job, I haven't seen it. That doesn't mean we shouldn't use gas and oil, but to simply ignore the truth about what we use is one of the most grossly incompetent moves I can remember seeing.

* I have a hard time understanding how Dante Stallworth killed a person and got 30 days, while Vick got over a year in jail. I guess it shows the impact of being an actual caring person that Stallworth stopped, called 911, and seemed to actually care about what had happened; whereas Vick seemed focused on clamping down in hopes no one would give him up. It sends a message that it is better to take responsibility rather than run from it for your actions. It probably helped the Falcons though that Vick got put away for so long.

* With television shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, or about marrying a millionaire, have we really created legalized prostitution, whereby women or men will do just about anything for money and celebrity?

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