Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fiction over Reality: Rubio Ignores Reality to Call Obama Divisive

GOP "rising star" Marco Rubio called President Obama the most divisive and destructive President in history.  It is here that Rubio exposes both his lack of understanding of U.S. history and his hyperpartisanship.  It is clear he is seeking a VP nod and significance in the GOP before the spotlight passes him by. 

Historically speaking, elections surrounding the turn of the century have been as aggressive and divisive as it gets, leading to significant impacts on the U.S. each time.  And that doesn't even focus on George W. Bush and the GOP's hyperpartisanship and the damage done of two wars, doubling the national debt in eight years, having two recessions (including starting the recession that Obama has been dealing with his entire term), and far more. 

Looking at Obama's term specifically, the President has done things that are unprecedented including meeting with the entire GOP congressional contingent and going down to Capital Hill to do it.  He has made offer after offer of compromise, only to have the GOP say "sure, we will take the parts we like and scrap the rest."  They have held up nominations in ways that have never been done before, used the threat of filibuster to stifle legislation, and yet President Obama still tries to work with them. 

President Obama compromised on health care reform and sacrificed some components of his plan to adopt the Mitt Romney and Bob Dole market approach.  President Obama compromised on tax cuts when his base wanted taxation on the richest in America.  He gave the GOP their dream debt deal with an automatic 10% across the board cut if no deal was reached (who knows what incentive that gives the GOP to deal, especially the "tea party" GOPers).  He has focused on debt reduction to compromise with the GOP at a time when no objective economist would ever have supported austerity measures. 

Marco Rubio, remember, it takes someone willing to actually come to the negotiation table to negotiate with.  When not one but two American Enterprise Institute scholars have come out and said it is the GOP causing the problems in Washington, that says it all. 

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