Saturday, November 27, 2010

Drug Arrests Prove Border Fence was Waste of Money

A recent drug arrest indicates one more reason why a "border fence" was such a joke: Tunnels. The recent tunnels found were a half mile long, as deep as seventy feet below the surface, with light rail to move drugs through.

While the drug debate is another question, I have to admit when I first read the article, the first thing that came to mind was just how meaningless "The Wall" idea was to stop immigration.

Since the beginning of "The Wall" being put in place, I have seen video of people simply walking around it in three feet of water and numerous stories of people tunneling under it, showing how a billion dollar project can be simply a waste of time.

I remember talking about how a "Wall" would simply leave people wanting to illegally immigrate to find other ways of getting here. They said I was overreacting, the wall would work. Apparently, I wasn't.

Until there is more incentive to stay in Mexico than there is to migrate here, no wall, no Coast Guard, no "virtual fence" will keep illegals out. It is really that simple. To prove the point, just look to Canada. With an even more open border, we don't really have a huge Canadian illegal immigration problem do we?

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Anonymous said...

The border fence is a joke, but not because some tunnels were found. It's a joke because it's not a serious obstacle, and it was never intended to be. The fact that people get past it no more indicates that a border fence is unworkable than the fact that murders are committed means that laws against murder are unworkable.
When I was in the Army, they taught us that an obstacle that was not under observation was no more than an inconvenience. Build a real wall and pull some of the troops out of Iraq or Korea to guard it.