Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birther, Death Panel architect to respond to President Obama on Health Care

In today's world, where every Presidential speech seemingly needs a rebuttal, where Republicans insist on eliminating the fairness doctrine from radio, but demand fairness to rebut the President; is it shocking to anyone that they chose Louisiana Republican Charles Boustany to respond to President Obama's health care speech?

The Huffington Post indicates that Boustany is a former "birther," you know, those people who still don't believe President Obama is a United States citizen, who has figured out that he is now a citizen or at least got the mileage out of it he wanted before he put the issue behind him.

Boustany is also a heart surgeon who co-sponsored the "death panels" bill, the "Life Sustaining Treatment Preferences Act of 2009."

Like Texas Congressman Michael Burgess, Boustany's credentials as a doctor are a thinly veiled attempt for the Republican Party to put doctors front and center. Ironically, these are doctors who gave up practicing medicine for various reasons to go into politics. In the case of Burgess, because he lost a malpractice lawsuit and became an administrator (administrators focus on profits and avoiding costs like civil liability for negligence).

There is little wonder why they proclaim the need to avoid government run programs, because it would mean less profit for their jobs if they should return to practice medicine. It would also mean less money for their friends who contribute to their campaigns. But it would also mean more care for their patients, which clearly indicates they are more focused on profits than patients.

We will have to wait and see what the birther has to say after President Obama's speech, but the response is somewhat predictable as he proclaims the need to avoid socialized medicine, while claiming the need to preserve medicare (government run medicine that isn't threatened at all by the health care bill, but probably bolstered by it), and maybe a bit of support for "tort reform" (aka taking away incentive to be a good doctor, while giving affirmative action for mediocre doctors) or health savings accounts (the thing you could do in your own bank account without their help if you could afford that too).

I wonder if he will take a jab at the President for his birth certificate.


william said...

Tony, here is an article for you to read. Doctors around the country were polled and, overwhelmingly agree, the proposed health care reform would lead to rationing, lower quality care for medicare recipients and other problems. The president and the left are just flat wrong about health care reform. Oh, by the way, these are actual doctors, you know, the people that actually see and treat patients, not the AMA. The vast majority of practicing physicians strongly disagree with Obamacare reforms. Feel free to read the article.

Tony K. said...

Would you ever expect doctors to support something against their own self-interest? Why?